Executive Committee

Prof. Trina Myers

Queensland University of Technology
July 2020-2022

Prof. Simeon Simoff
(Deputy President/President Elect)

Western Sydney University
July 2020-22

Prof. Katrina Falkner
(Immediate past president)

University of Adelaide
July 2020-22

Dr. Simon
(Ordinary Executive Member (Treasurer))

University of Newcastle
July 2020-22

Assoc. Prof. Stewart Von Itzstein
(Ordinary Executive Member)

University of South Australia
July 2020-22

Dr. Raina Mason
(Ordinary Executive Member)

Southern Cross University
July 2020-22

Teresa Cheong
(Executive Officer (non-elected professional staff))

from June 2021

The normal term of an elected member is two years. The president’s term is also two years. The Deputy President is President-elect.