The ACDICT Learning and Teaching Academy, ALTA, periodically offers small grants for research projects in areas related to computing education. Project teams are required to comprise researchers from at least two ACDICT member institutions. The reporting requirements have varied over the years, ranging from a presentation at the annual ALTA forum to a formal written report. On this page we list recent grants and, where available, their written reports.

2023 ALTA grants awarded

2023: Incorporating Indigenous perspectives within ICT curriculum across Australian universities. Nicole Herbert, Felise Goldfinch, Dianna Hardy, Meena Jha, Carolyn Seton

2023: AI-powered pedagogy: exploring the effectiveness of generative AI as a learning assistant in the ICT discipline. Ritesh Chugh, Ahsan Morshed, Fariza Sabrina, Salahuddin Azad, Md Mamunur Rashid, Shahriar Kaisar, Sudha Subramani

2023: Virtual Ecologies: Modelling and Animating 3D Australian Landscapes. Thomas Chandler, Martin Potter

2023 ALTA grants - call for expressions of interest

The 2023 grants round was workshopped at the 2023 ACM in Launceston, Tasmania, on June 27, and, following approval by the ACDICT executive, was released on 30 July 2023.

Recent grants and links to the available reports

2022: Sustainably enhancing social presence while balancing teacher and student well-being. Dianna Hardy, Jason Holdsworth, Hemmaphan Suwanwiwat, Trina Myers, Jason Watson, Sharon Altena, Wasana Bandara

2022: UPASS: From prototype to the community. Edmund Pickering, Samuel Cunningham, Sarah Dart, Caslon Chua, Sheona Thomson, Rick Somers

2022: Technical and educational guidelines for personalising assessments through assessment-as-learning in cybersecurity. Amin Sakzad, Judithe Sheard, David Paul, Ljiljana Brankovic, Matthew P Skerritt, Nan Li, William Billingsley, Simon

2020: Academic integrity policies, procedures, and good practices for online assessment in computing education. Meena Jha, Sander JJ Leemans, Regina Berretta, Ayse Bilgin, Trina Myers, Judy Sheard, Simon

2020: UPASS: an automated academic integrity detective uncovering ICT assignments shared online. Edmund Pickering, Samuel Cunningham-Nelson, Sarah Dart, Caslon Chua, Sheona Thompson

2020: Automated PDF fingerprint generation and detection to identify contract cheaters. David Cooper, Chris McDonald

2020: CAFÉ International project. Raina Mason et al

2020: Investigating the presence of ethics education within Australian tertiary ICT degree programs. Andrew Valentine, Scott Adams, Margaret Hamilton

2020: Digital trail of ICT authentic assessments with blockchain. Nagarajan Venkatachalam, Yu-Chu Tian, Raja Jurdak, Wageeh Boles

2020: Towards diversity in computing and IT: understanding the impact of the undergraduate experience on retention of women. Karin Verspoor, Marion Zalk, Jim Hogan, Katrina Falkner, Penny Kyburz

2020: Improving the learning environment of first year, first semester computer science students through tutor demonstrator unconscious bias training. Marion Zalk, Karin Verspoor, Victor Sojo

2018: Identifying the initiatives that influence first-year female students choosing computing degrees. Andreea Molnar, Therese Keane, Rosemary Stockdale

2018: Addressing student engagement issues for female and international students. Michael Morgan, Judy Sheard, Michael Butler, Simon

2018: Education for employability. Christabel Gonsalvez, Michael Morgan, Judy Sheard, John Grundy