ALTA 2022 small projects grants – recipients

ACDICT is pleased to announce the recipients of the ALTA 2022 small project grants (awarded April 2022).  
Project Researchers Institutions
Technical and educational guidelines for personalising assessments through assessment-as-learning in cybersecurity Amin Sakzad, Judithe Sheard, David Paul, Ljiljana Brankovic, Matthew P Skerritt, Nan Li, William Billingsley, Simon Monash University, University of New England, RMIT University, University of Newcastle
Sustainably enhancing social presence while balancing teacher and student well-being Dianna Hardy, Jason Holdsworth, Hemmaphan Suwanwiwat, Trina Myers, Jason Watson, Sharon Altena, Wasana Bandara James Cook University, Queensland University of Technology
UPASS: from prototype to the community Edmund Pickering, Samuel Cunningham, Sarah Dart, Caslon Chua, Sheona Thomson, Rick Somers Queensland University of Technology, Swinburne University of Technology