ALTA 2021 – ALTA Grant Project Presenters

The ALTA organising committee welcomes the following ALTA Grant project researchers who will be presenting at ALTA 2021:

Project Title Researchers Universities ALTA presentation day Presented by
Café International Project Dr Raina Mason, Dr Carolyn Seton and Dr Cheryl Pope Southern Cross University / University of Adelaide Monday 19th April Raina Mason
Automated PDF Fingerprint Generation and Detection to Identify Contract Cheaters Dr David Cooper and Dr Chris McDonald Curtin University / University of Western Australia Tuesday 20th April David Cooper
UPASS: An Automated Academic Integrity Detective Uncovering ICT Assignments Shared Online Dr Edmund Pickering, Dr Samuel Cunningham-Nelson, Dr Sarah Dart, Dr Caslon Chua and Ms Sheona Thompson Queensland University of Technology / Swinburne University of Technology Tuesday 20th April Edmund (Ted) Pickering
Academic Integrity Policies, Procedures, and Good Practices for Online Assessment in Computing Education Dr Meena Jha, Dr Sander J.J. Leemans, Professor Regina Berretta, Associate Professor Ayse Bilgin, Professor Trina Myers, Associate Professor Judy Sheard, Dr Simon Central Queensland University (Sydney) / Queensland University of Technology / University of Newcastle / Macquarie University / Monash University Tuesday 20th April Meena Jha and Sander J.J. Leemans
Digital Trail of ICT Authentic Assessments with Blockchain Dr Nagarajan Venkatachalam (Venkat), Professor Yu-Chu Tian, Professor Raja Jurdak and Professor Wageeh Boles Queensland University of Technology / Swinburne University of Technology Tuesday 20th April Nagarajan Venkatachalam  (Venkat)
Investigating the presence of ethics education within Australian tertiary ICT degree programs Dr Andrew Valentine, Mr Scott Adams and Professor Margaret Hamilton University of Queensland / Deakin University Tuesday 20th April Andrew Valentine
Towards Diversity in Computing and IT: Understanding the impact of the undergraduate student experience on retention of women Professor Karin Verspoor, Dr Marion Zalk, Associate Professor Jim Hogan, Professor Katrina Falkner and Dr Penny Kyburz University of Melbourne / Queensland University of Technology / University of Adelaide / Australian National University Friday 23rd April Karin Verspoor
Improving the Learning Environment of First year, first semester Computer Science students through Tutor and Demonstrator Unconscious Bias Training Dr Marion Zalk, Professor Karin Verspoor and Dr Victor Sojo University of Melbourne Friday 23rd April Marion Zalk