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Mission & Objectives



To promote and advance ICT education, research and scholarship on behalf of Australian universities



  1. To provide a forum for leaders of ICT education to discuss and address matters of mutual concern and national importance.
  2. To provide integration and synergy for all relevant university groups concerned with ICT education consistent with the mission.
  3. In collaboration with relevant groups, raise the profile of the ICT Profession amongst school students and the community in general.
  4. To monitor the state of ICT education and scholarship, in terms of adequacy of programs and resources and quality of outcomes.
  5. To initiate and conduct reviews consistent with the mission.
  6. To consult with and offer advice to industry, universities and governments on matters relating to ICT education and research.
  7. To collect and disseminate information about University ICT faculties and schools.
  8. To maintain strong links with industry, ACS, AIIA, ACPHIS, CORE and other relevant bodies to further the mission.
  9. To liaise, where appropriate, with related organisations both within Australia and overseas.
  10. To make statements on relevant issues to government inquiries, professional bodies, the media and the general community.
  11. To raise general community awareness on the need for and value of high-quality ICT education and research.
  12. To support ACS, AIIA and other relevant bodies in raising the status of the ICT profession.
  13. To promote research and research training in ICT.