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Annual Council Meeting Monday July 18 – Tuesday July 19, 2016

ALTA forum Thursday 30 March – Friday April 1, 2016

at University of Technology Sydney

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Upcoming workshops on curriculum development for Intensive Mode teaching

Sally Male presented on WIL at the ALTA forum. For another OLT project there will be curriculum workshops on Intensive Mode teaching running in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, and Launceston in 2016.

Location and Date:       Adelaide, The University of Adelaide, Friday 24 June 2016
Location and Date:       Melbourne, RMIT, Friday 1 July 2016


ALTA Forum 31 Mar-1 April 2016 at UTS


Presentations and links to related material

Julie King, ACARA: Digital Technologies Curriculum Implementation
Claudette Bateup, CSIRO - Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools
Belinda Robinson, UA - Prize-winning student global study videos

Peter Radoll, Canberra - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STEM education

Peter Coolbear, Ako Aotearoa - International Peer Review Benchmarking for Quality Improvement
    Proof of Concept Report
Victoria Johnson, ESA - Online Peer Review Tool
Sara Booth, Tasmania - National Support Mechanism for Peer Review presentation,
                                       Review Process,     Review Procedure, 

Paul Bailes, ACS - ACS and ICT education
Sally Male and Peta Wyeth - Work Integrated Learning for All Students

Simon - Staff, students and academic integrity in computing assessments
Jon Yorke - Managing Plagiarism
Judith Gullifer - Academic Integrity Challenges and Opportunities

Beverley Oliver - Better 21st Century credentials - presentation;
                        Better 21C Credentials booklet
Kathryn Blyth - Credential integrity

Hot Topics

Annual Council Meeting, July 6–7 2015 at UC


Nomination form for Executive vacancies

Attendee List as of 30 June 2015
President's Report 2014-15
Activities and Actions Plan 2015-16

Presentation material

John Craven bio
Craven What Industry Needs from ICT Graduates

Ken Boal bio
Academic Standards Consultation Draft

Summary Criteria and Expectations on Academic Staff
External Peer Review Models
Bailes: ACS Board of ICT Educators

Kay: ACEN WIL strategy

Campbell: ACPHIS Information Science curriculum
Fekete: CORE Computer Science curriculum
Johnson: ACS activities and CBOK
Boal: CISCO STEM activities

Cowey: Scientists and Mathematicians and ICT in Schools

Byrne: ICT Research in the Australian Research Landscape


ALTA Forum 9–10 April 2015 at UC

Latest agenda

Attendee list - 34 participants from 27 universities

Bella Vista Restaurant Map

Evaluation compiled

Presentation material

Geoff Scott achievement standards and their assessment

Scott & Wilson - successful ICT graduates

Koppi & Naghdy ICT Education2009

Koppi - all jobs about problems

Richard James HES Framework

Steve Drew SFIA chart

Steve Drew ACSF Career Map

Steve Drew Presentation TLOs Workshop

Steve Drew Chemistry Standards

Steve Drew Engineering Standards

Steve Drew Eng Competencies 2013

Steve Drew Draft ICT L&T Academic Standards

Steve Drew Macquarie Uni Learning Outcomes

Steve Drew SFIA 5

Steve Drew Sign On Sheet

Steve Drew ICT PBoK

Steve Drew TLO and AS worksheet

Judie Kay ACEN, National WIL Strategy

Tim McKay AIIA Education Contributions

Sara Booth Peer Review

Mike Johnson ACS improving ICT educatio


Workshop reports

Tanya McGill WIL workshop analysis and report

Steve Drew Academic Standards workshop summary and conclusions

Hot topics summaries

Addressing declining student engagement

Change to 21st C teaching (1)

Change to 21st C teaching (2)

Declining entrance standards

WIL practices



Annual Council Meeting, July 7–8, 2014

The Annual Council Meeting will be held at UNSW:

Level 1 Seminar Room, Building K17 (School of Computer Science and Engineering), Kensington Campus, UNSW.

Campus map

Revised agenda 7

Executive vacancy nomination form

Council approved ACDICT Engagement Policy

Revised Action Plan re ICT Skills V2

Pros and cons for ACDICT Inc

Attendee list and contacts

Financial Audit Report 2013

Performance indicators for ICT academics

President's Report 2013–14


Robin King: Enhancing Industry Engagement in Engineering Degrees

Michael Blumenstein: Towards a MOOC for teaching introductory programming at Griffith

Ian Anderson: Indigenous participation

Karsten Schulz: Digital Careers and universities

Leon Sterling: Victoria Perspective

Maurice Pagnucco: NSW Perspective

Joel Cowey: CSIRO supporting STEM and ICT teachers

Andrew Norton: Demand driven system and impacts on ICT

Alan Fekete: CORE perspective on demand driven system

Deborah Bunker: The demand driven system and IS

Tim Cahill: ERA 2015 update

Michael Blumenstein: ARC College Perspective

Pip Pattison: Educational Quality

Karen Treloar: TEQSA today

Paul Bailes: ACS and Accreditation

Daniel Edwards: WIL in STEM project

Maurice Pagnucco: NICTA research update


Compiled evaluation of 2014 ACM from delegates





ALTA Forum held 8–9 May 2014 at UTS

Final agenda


John Ridge: Industry needs

John Craven: Industry needs of ICT graduates

Julie King: ACARA_ALTAforum8May2014

Katrina Kalkner: MOOC supporting teachers

Karsten Schultz: Digital Careers

Daniel Edwards: Student experience of ICT

Eliza Martinez Marroquin: Transforming ICT L&T through the SAFFIRE project at UC

Trina Myers: Cultivating soft skills

Jacob Cybulski: Teamwork for collateral learning

James Harland: Database for exam questions

Trina Myers and Anna Blackman: Developing ICT softskills online

Brian von Konsky: SFIA and ICT curriculum

Frances Rosamond, Peter Shaw and Vlad Estivill-Castro: ICT unplugged outreach

Neil Anderson: Design thinking in ICT

Tom Gedeon: Success of double degrees ICT ANU

Rosemary Stockdale: ICT underpinning Swinburne

Jo Coldwell-Neilson and Jenine Beekhuyzen: Females in ICT degrees

Judy Sheard: Good teaching in first year ICT



Discussion Summaries

Hot Topic: Communication

Hot Topic: Plagiarism

Hot Topic: Attrition

Hot Topic: Self-motivation

Hot Topic: Threshold Learning Outcomes

Improving Learning and Teaching 1

Improving Learning and Teaching 2

Improving Learning and Teaching 3

Improving Learning and Teaching 4

Improving Learning and Teaching 5

Improving Learning and Teaching 6



Annual Council Meeting, July, 2013

The Annual Council Meeting at the Fremantle Esplande Hotel, WA, on Monday and Tuesday 8 & 9 July. Meeting agenda

Discussion paper on Advancing ICT Research

Discussion paper on ACDICT Action Plan for ICT Skills - to be launched at the ACM

Enrolments template prior to meeting

Attendee List

President's Report 2013-14

Nomination form for Executive positions

Evaluation results compiled

Letter to ACDICT Members from Peter Cole


Robert Randall, CEO ACARA, Draft Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

Robin Shreeve, CEO AWPA, AWPA ICT Workforce Study

AWPA Final Report re ICT Workforce Study

Simon Kaplan, NICTA, Group X National

James Curran, NCSS Director Sydney, Teacher Training for the ICT School Curriculum

Jim Barber, VC, UNE, MOOCs

Brian Yates, ARC Executive Director, ARC and ICT Research

Philip Ogunbona, UOW, Advancing ICT Research

Jo Ward, Australian Council of Deans of Science, Threshold Learning Outcomes Processes

Mark Freeman, Australian Business Deans Council, Threshold Learning Outcomes: Examples from Business


ALTA (ACDICT Learning and Teaching Academy) Forum for ICT Education Champions, Victoria University, April 4–5, 2013


There were 39 attendees from 24 Australian universities

Compiled evaluations


Andrew Norton, Grattan Institute, Threats and challenges facing HE

Craig Whitsed, Murdoch, Internationalisation and the Asian Century

Barbara Turnbull, AWPA, ICT Skills

Michael Johnson, ACS, TEQSA standards and professional accreditation

Euan Lindsay, CQU, Implementing the Flipped Classroom

Ali Radloff and Jacob Pearce, ACER, UES ICT Results and AHELO and AMAC Projects

Tony Koppi, ACDICT, Scholarship and Research in ICT Teaching

Malcolm Campbell, Deakin, Key discussion points on improving L&T

John Ridge, ACSF, Strategies for Improving L&T

Astrid Bauers, RMIT, WIL and SE Projects

John McPhee, Swinburne, Successful Industry Partnerships

Simon (Raymond Lister), Newcastle, BABELnot Project

Simon, Newcastle, Prianit Project

Angela Carbone, Monash, Moodle Pluggin for Plagiarism

Elena Sitnikova, UniSA, ALTA Fellow Report

Nick Falkner, Adelaide, ALTA Fellow Plan

Simon, Newactle, ALTA Fellow Report

Anne Venables, VU, Where novice meets expert and theory meets practice

Paul Calder, Flinders, Motivating students to engage in ICT postgraduate degrees

Nick Falkner, Adelaide, Maximising student learning and minimising teacher workload

Richard Dazeley, Ballarat, Engaging school students through games design and development

Sally Male, UWA, Enhancing industry engagement in Engineering degrees

Steve Drew, Griffith, Peer observation of teaching towards awards and presentations

Glenn Stewart, QUT, AQF9: the future of conversion masters degrees



Executive Ordinary Meeting locations, dates, and AEST times 2012/13

Melbourne, VU, Friday 28 September 2012, 9–11am

Melbourne, Swinburne, Friday 30 November 2012, 2–4pm

Adelaide, end of ACSW UniSA, Friday 1 Februry, 4–6pm

Melbourne, end ALTA Forum VU, Friday 5 April, 4–6pm


Annual Council Meeting, July, 2012

The Annual Council Meeting was held on July 2–3 2012 at Southern Cross University, in the Beachside Conference Room, A3.16, Beachside Campus, Gold Coast Airport (Coolangatta), Southern Cross Drive, Bilinga

Agenda with accommodation and map

Attendee list

Dinner list

Proposal for Research Performance Benchmarks for consideration on Day 2.

Nomination form for Executive positions

Professional Practice in ICT Inventory Results

Compiled enrolment trends

UES Analysis of Pilot Project 2011

President Report

Compiled Evaluation from the ACDICT participants


Ian Hawke, TEQSA Commissioner, TEQSA: A New Regulatory Agency for Australian Higher Education

Sean Casey, Broadband Applications Advisor, NBN Co - Impact and Opportunities for ICT

Mike Johnson and Ruth Graham, ACS Accreditation Report

Robin Shreeve, Skills Australia, Demand for Tertiary Qualifications

Peter Lee. Universities Australia, Sectoral Issues

Warren Bradey, Smart Services CRC, Key Challenges for ICT Research - a service sector view

Richard Coleman ARC

Aruna Seneviratne, NICTA, Research Excellence in ICT

Ian Oppermann, CSIRO, Key Reseach Challenges for ICT

Leon Sterling, Research Benchmarks

ALTA (ACDICT Learning and Teaching Academy) Forum for ICT Education Champions, Queensland University of Technology, April 12–13, 2012

The Forum was held at QUT and attended by over 40 delegates from 19 universities.

List of attendees



Ann Doolette, Executive Director AQF Council

Ruth Graham, Manager ACS Accreditation

Craig McDonald, Academic perspective on accreditation

Suzi Hewlett, Director OLT

Fellows presentation: Chris Pilgrim, Nick Falkner, Elena Sitnikova, Simon

ARNEIA, launched via Jocelyn Armarego's presentation

Duncan Campbell, AAEE (Australasian Association for Engineering Education)

Previous Grant winners progress reports:

Malcolm Corney, Novice programmers

Judy Sheard, Computing examinations

John Venable, Student feedback systems

Workshop sessions

Things ALTA can do now and in the future - ALTA Fellows session

Current Learning and Teaching issues in ICT at Australian universities - summary in preparation


Compiled evaluation from attendees


Annual Council Meeting, July 2011

The Annual Council Meeting was held in Hobart on 25-26 July at the invitation of UTAS

List of attendees



Peter Cole, President's Report

Robin Shreeve, CEO, Skills Australia - Expanded role of Skills Australia

Ian Hawke, Interim CEO, TEQSA - The new TEQSA environment

Richard Coleman, Executive ARC Director - The Australian ICT Research Scene

Robin King, EO, ACED - The Engineering and ICT Learning Network

Paul Strooper, UQ - Group X notes

Tony Koppi, EO, ACDICT - notes on value of National ICT Careers Week

Papers for discussion:

Professional Practice Proposal

Attrition in ICT research results briefing

Teaching-Research-Industry-Learning nexus in ICT analysis briefing


Learning and Teaching Forum for ICT Education Champions, University of Adelaide, May 2 & 3, 2011

Latest agenda for the Learning and Teaching Forum in the ICT disciplines of the member universities.


Adam Chapman, Higher Education Group, DEEWR: The higher education landscape

Janet Verbyla, Dean USQ, The HE whirlpool

Christine Ewan, ALTC, Perfect storm

Angela Carbone, Monash, Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme (PATS)

Peter Ashman & Elizabeth Yong, Adelaide, Lessons for ICT from Chemical Engineering

Judy Sheard, Monash, Student engagement

Jo Caldwell, Deakin, Virtual WIL

Graeme Salter, UWS, Online professional development

Jocelyn Armarego, ACED and ACDICT, ALTC Discipline Support Strategy

Roger Hadgraft, UMelb, Academic standards Engineering and ICT

Chris Pilgrim, Swinburne, Professional practice proposal

Santi Ruiz, TAFESA, Joint BIT UniSA and TAFESA

Catherine Lang, Swinburne, Tertiary Transitions Education Program

Evaluation: compiled feedback from participants at the Adelaide forum

Joint ACDICT and ACS Foundation Event, WCC, Brisbane, 20 September 2010

This joint meeting was held at the the World Computer Congress on Monday 20th September at 1330 with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the universities and industry and had three agenda items.


Peter Cole, ACDICT President – Shaping the future of ICT

Janet Verbyla, Dean ICT – Academic standards (with discussion summary points)

Bob Hayward, CSC – Future of the Australian ICT industry

Bob Hayward discussion notes by Tom Worthington

Phil Robertson, NICTA – Maximising ICT research benefits

Annual Council Meeting, September 2010

The Annual Council Meeting was on 16 and 17 September at QUT, prior to the World Computer Congress.

Several actions resulting from the meeting are being pursued.


Bruce Lakin, ACS CEO – ACDICT and the ACS

John Ridge, ACS Foundation CEO – Advancing through Education and Research

Craig Foster, Education Director, Microsoft Australia – Influencing students

Christine Ewan, ALTC Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Project

Roger Hadgraft, Engineering and ICT Discipline Scholar - ICT Academic Standards – also handout for comment

Bob Hart, ACS – International Standards

Ben Vivekanandan, ACPET – Articulation with private providers

Kevin Harris, TAFE – Articulation with TAFE

Darius Pfitzner, Dual Sector Dean – Dual sector collaboration

Anne Byrne, DIISR – Update government research initiatives

Salim Bouzerdoum, ARC  Expert Panel – Impact of government agenda on research

Phil Robertson, COO NICTA – ICT Research and government policy

National ICT Careers Week 26 July – 1 August 2010

ACDICT is proudly supporting this national event

Learning and Teaching Network Forum for ICT Education Leaders, Sydney, July 5 & 6, 2010

A Learning and Teaching Forum in the ICT disciplines of the member universities.


Sylvia Edwards, ALTC Leadership Grant, QUT

Philip Ogunbona, ALTC ICT Grants, UOW

Angela Carbone, ALTC Teaching Fellowship, Monash

Greg Whymark, Evidence-based learning and teaching practices, CQU

Graeme Salter, Mobile devices for learning, UWS

Helen Partridge, Learning Spaces, QUT

Peter Hutchings, Grant applications, ALTC

Chris Pilgrim, Work integrated learning, Swinburne

Workshop outcomes:

Press release regarding Work Integrated Learning

Why few women in ICT?

What is a gender-inclusive curriculum?

Evidence-based innovations in learning and teaching

Engaging students: list of approaches

Inaugural Summit of Councils of Deans, Canberra, 5 March, 2010

A summary report of this Summit of Councils of Deans.

Engineering and Technology Education Leaders Forum, December 2009

The report from the E & T education leaders forum that was held at the University of Adelaide on 6 December 2009

Annual Council Meeting, July 2009

Sam Burrell Tony Koppi
Richard James Peter Grant
Ian Birks Catherine Pocknee
David Skellern