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ACDICT Learning & Teaching Academy (ALTA)

ALTA is the ACDICT Learning and Teaching Academy. It is specifically concerned with learning and teaching in the ICT disciplines.
Participation in ALTA activities and initiatives is open to anyone working in learning and teaching in ICT at an ACDICT member university.
The ACDICT Learning and Teaching Academy (ALTA) is managed through a Working Group of the Council (called the ALTA Executive) and subject to the Mission and Objectives of the Council. A member of the ACDICT Executive has responsibility for ALTA (and is known as the ALTA President).
The ALTA president 2017 is Katrina Falkner, University of Adelaide

The upcoming ALTA Forum 2017 is at the University of Adelaide, Thursday 20–Friday 21 April See the draft program on the Events page.
Register interest by email to the ACDICT Executive Officer.
ALTA Learning and Teaching Grant on SFIA and ICT education The grant has led to a publication:
von Konsky, B.R., Miller, C., and Jones, A. (2016) The Skills Framework for the Information Age: Engaging Stakeholders in ICT Curriculum Design. Journal of Information Systems Education. Winter 2016. 27(1):37-50.
A copy of the paper is here.
ALTA Forum 2016 University of Technology Sydney 31 March-1 April 2016 See the program and presentations on the Events page


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